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Practice Management Software For Physician

Front Office

  • New Patient Registration
  • Easy Old Patient Search
  • Appointment & Billing
  • Case Paper
  • Label/Barcode
  • Waiting Alarm
  • Token Display System
OPD Billing
  • OPD Billing/Customize Bill Groups
  • Form 3C Register
  • Print Receipt
  • User wise /Item wise Reports
Indoor Management
  • Indoor Patient Registration
  • Indoor Inquiry
  • Advance & Refund
  • Transfer & Discharge
  • Discharge Card

Back Office

  • Doctor/Reference Directory
  • Letters & Certificates
  • Thanks & Referal
  • SMS Facility
  • Holiday Scheduling
Indoor Procedure
  • Daily Indoor Estimate
  • Daily Due Billing
  • Provisional & Final Billing
  • TPA/Corporates Dues & Receipt
  • Form 3C Register & Reports
  • Discharge Card
  • On Patient Demographics
  • On Patient Referal

Physician Clinical Records(EMR)

OPD Records
  • List of Waiting Patient on Reception
  • Vital Parameter (Weight, Height, BP…)
  • Risk factor/Addiction of Patient
  • Any Drug Allergy to Patient
  • Complain according to Physician
  • Examination according to Physician
  • Personal/Family History of Patient
  • Diagnosis according to Physician
  • Treatment/Medicine according to Physician
  • Multiple Standard Treatment as per Diagnosis according to Physician which include Medicine, Dosage, Days, Qty & Advice
  • General Advice to Patient as GS Practice
  • Investigation Advice to Patient
  • Analysis after Investigation
  • Customize Image/Document/Movie Store Option
  • Education to Patient according to Physician
  • Complete History of Patient's Visit on Single Click
  • Rx Print in Multi Language with Customization according to Dr's Letter Pad
  • Reminder on Next Visit of Patient
  • Particular Diagnosis History on Single Click
  • Last Rx Prescribed fetch option
  • Next Visit Plan
  • Stock Information of Medicine(Connect with our Pharmacy Software)
  • Today's Checked Patient List
Indoor Records
  • First hand Information
  • Day to Day Complain, Examination & Treatment
  • Day to Day Record & Vital Parameter
  • OT Details, if any
  • Provisional, Final Diagnosis & Discharge Card
Patient Education
  • Diagnosis wise Image/Document/PDF
  • Movie according to Physician
  • Image Drawing Facility
Data Analysis
  • On Patient Demographics (Area/City/Gender)
  • Diagnosis wise (Filtered to Age, Gender, Registration Detail)
  • Medicine wise(Drug Group)
  • Various OPD/IPD Register
  • Daywise/Monthwise/Yearwise Comparison Report
  • Doctor wise Patient (In case of Multi Dr)
  • Doctor wise Bills (In case of Multi Dr)
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