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Billing Software for Medical

Computerization of Pharmacy/Chemist Shop
  • To control inventory in Pharmacy is one of the biggest challenge we found in 2004. It was a difficult task to manage stock unit wise & strip wise.
  • Now we are having over 8000+ pharmacy computerized only in Gujarat, India.
  • Modules in Pharmacy Software


  • Information of over 1,00,000 (1 Lac) medicine with brand name, company information, drug & supplier in the region.
  • Classification of medicine in different form like Tablet, capsule, narcotic, break sale allowed etc.
  • Complete Company Information
  • Complete Supplier Information
  • Patient Master
  • Doctor Master
  • Kit Master for fast billing

Order Procession

  • Order Procession on the basis of consumption, requirement or minimum level.
  • Immediate order to supplier as soon as visit of sales man, or direct email to supplier.


  • Direct inward from supplier invoice or from order given thru system.
  • Batch wise entry


  • Direct Sales Entry
  • Loose Sales Entry
  • Link with Clinical OPD EMR, if purchased
  • Linked with Indoor Medicine Request, if Purchased.
  • Advance/Refund Calculation in case of linked with Indoor.
  • Final Bill in case of linked with Indoor.
  • Provision of scanning/capturing prescription of patient.


  • Interface with Tally.
  • Cash Entry
  • Bank Entry
  • JV Entry
  • Trading Account
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Final Balance Sheet.

Major Reports

  • Expiry Report. Generation of direct purchase return.
  • VAT Register. As per requirement statewise
  • Purchase Register
  • Sales Register
  • Payment to supplier
  • Collection from Patient/customer
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